College Union

The College Union of St Dominic's College is a common platform of all students of the college where they come together and organize events and activities with a view to develop their critical thinking, creative abilities and social commitment in accordance with the rules and regulations of Mahatma Gandhi University, under the control of the principal, following the advices of the teacher in charge and under the leadership of the office bearers elected in the parliamentary mode.

The objectives of the college union are:

  • To train the students of the College in parliamentary democracy so that they may be responsible future citizens of India, aware of their duties, responsibilities and rights.
  • To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency and spirit of service among students.
  • To organize cultural programs, quizzes, debates, seminars, work squads, touring parties etc. so that the students may acquire knowledge on current topics and develop deep thinking about them.
  • To encourage extracurricular activities like Youth Festival, Sports Meet etc which are conducive to the aforesaid objectives.

College Union Election : Prof. Sony Joseph

College Union Advisor : Prof. Bino P. Jose