Programmes - Aided

Programme Seat Complementary Open Choice Based Syllabus
B.Sc. Mathematics Model I 32 Physics, Statistics Applicable Mathematics Operations Research View / Download
B.Sc. Physics Model I 32 Mathematics, Chemistry Our Universe Optoelectronics View / Download
B.Sc. Chemistry Model I 32 Mathematics, Physics Chemistry in Everyday Life Nanochemistry & Nano technology View / Download
B.Sc. Botany Model II Horticulture and Nursery Management 24 Horticulture & Nursery Management (Voc) Zoology (Complementary) Agribased Micro enterprises Agri Business View / Download
B.A English Language and Literature Model II Teaching 24 Educational Psychology, Education in India, Evolution of Literary Movements I &II English for Careers Regional Literature in Translation View / Download
B.A Economics Model I 50 History,Politics Fundamentals of Economics Human Resource Management View / Download
B.A History Model I 40 Economics, Politics Social Implications of Modern Revolutions Archaelogy in India (Archacology) View / Download
B.Com Model I Finance and Taxation 55 Banking and Insurance, Principles of Business Decisions Fundamentals of Accounting Goods and Service Tax, Financial Services, Income Tax - 1, Income Tax - 2 View / Download
Bachelor of Financial Markets (BFM) 40 Economics for Finance Business Economics Investment Management & Financial markets Behavioural Finance View / Download