Inclusive Environment

St. Dominic’s College ensures that the college, its infrastructure, academic programmes and every co-curricular and extracurricular activity are designed so that all students irrespective of their caste, creed, gender and socio economic status can participate and learn. Inclusion strategies aim at finding different ways of teaching so that classrooms actively involve all children to develop friendships, relationships and mutual respect between them & between children and teachers in the college. The inclusive education methodologies focus on each of our student being appreciated and accepted throughout life.

The Principal, teachers, parents and others work together to for providing a quality education in an inclusive environment. It provides better opportunities for learning. Students with varying abilities are often better motivated when they learn in classes surrounded by other children. It fosters a culture of respect and belonging, thereby providing the opportunity to learn and accept individual differences. It provides students with opportunities to develop friendships and opportunities for growth.

The inclusive nature starts from the administrative level. The views of whole college with its faculty, students, the administrative staff, parents, alumni and the local community is always taken into account on major policy decisions.

In the academic level, the slow learners are given priority and consideration. They are supported by the class teachers, mentors and all faculty members in providing proper remedial measures. The talents of students in fields of arts and sports are identified and nurtured.

In the emotional level, students suffering from various stress factors are identified, specially considered by the teachers and proper counseling is given by authorized counselors arranged by the college.The Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) are cared and supported with special chairs and tables, ramps, toilets, wheel chairs and other facilities. The class rooms are rearranged to ensure their proper attendance. We feel proud to state that these students are always taken care of by their classmates in all their needs in college.

The financial status of each student is monitored by class teachers and mentors and proper support is ensured without hurting the pride of the student. Various scholarships and free ships are provided for the students and faculty members voluntarily act as sponsors.

The Women Cell of the college ensures that the girl students who form a majority of the total student strength are comfortable within the campus and their needs are addressed as well as empowerment strategies are introduced and effectively implemented.

The College ensures that the grievances of students are addressed and proper remedial measures are implemented through the Equal Opportunity Cell, SC/ST Monitoring Cell, Anti Harassment Cell, Anti Ragging Cell and the College Union.