Department of Malayalam

Department of Malayalam

The Department of Malayalam started in 1965 at the very beginning of the college. The department always tries to be modern and innovative in every sense. The department tries its level best to promote the study of Malayalam Language and Literature as second language at the UG level. Apart from the syllabus oriented academic activities, it also conducts a number of co- curricular and extra- curricular activities. They include manuscript magazines, production of short films and documentaries and so on. The Department publishes regularly a campus newspaper named “MATRUDARSINI” (മാതൃദർശിനി), from 2015 onwards [ The Sanskrit name “Matrudarsini” means one who sees the mother ]. Since its inception, the department is fortunate to have an extremely dynamic faculty. It is unique with 100% Ph.D. holders and they are priests as well.

The Department also has a fairly good collection of books which contain classical works and reference material in Malayalam Language and Literature.

Second Language


Name of the Programme Course Code Course Title
BA / B.Sc. ML1CCT 01 Kadha Sahithyam
B.Com. ML1CCT 05 Kadhayum Kavithayum
B.Sc. Model II ML1CCT 09 Kadha, Kavitha
BA Model II ML1CCT 07 Kadha, Novel


Name of the Programme Course Code Course Title
BA / B.Sc. ML2CCT 02 Kavitha
B.Com. ML2CCT 06 Athmakadha, Lekhanam
B.Sc. Model II ML2CCT 10 Gadhya Parichayam
BA Model II ML2CCT 08 Kavithayum Nadakavum


Name of the Programme Course Code Course Title
BA / B.Sc. ML3CCT 03 Drisyakala Sahithyam


Name of the Programme Course Code Course Title
BA / B.Sc. ML4CCT 04 Malayala Gadhyarachanakal

Rev. Dr. Abhilash Dominic ( HoD )
Assistant Professor
M. A, Ph.D

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Rev. Dr. Manoj Joseph
Assistant Professor
MA, M.phil, Ph.D

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  • Department Library
  • ‘Matrudarsini’ Newspaper to encourage creative writing abilities of students


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Authors Year of Publication Title of Book / Chapter Publisher ISBN
Manoj Joseph 2018 മലയാള സൈബർസാഹിത്യം ഗ്രീൻ ബുക്‌സ് 978-93-87357-28-0