CSM & Value Education Cell

The CSM and Value Education Cell is functioning as a pivotal cell with the vision of developing value-oriented and ethically responsible citizens. The cell aims at acquainting students with moral values quintessential in human life. Objectives of the cell include the development of social and personal responsibilities and the achievement of spiritual and intellectual growth in our students.

In order to facilitate sharing of wisdom and experience from all the teachers, the cell regroups every year. The cell organizes classes on every Wednesday. The class teachers of the corresponding classes engage the students. The syllabus of the Chair of Christian Studies of the Calicut university had been followed till the academic year 2018-19. Thereafter the college developed its own syllabus and started following it from the academic year 2019-20. Certificates are issued to students on completion of the course. The toppers are honoured with prizes. The cell is also in charge of the weekly prayer meetings, the annual retreat for the teaching and the non-teaching staff and the catholic students. It conducts seminars for non-catholic students as well.