Placement & Career Guidance Cell

Career Guidance and Placement Cell has been set up in our college with a vision to provide needed life skills and to help students to find job placement. The activities are initiated and organized with the help of all the departments of the college. Faculty members from all the departments are part of the team.

In order to help students improve their academic as well as additional skills, the cell organizes various programs at the college. From the first year of their studies, students are part of the cell’s activities. To face the challenges of the present job market, the cell undertakes several programs like skill profiling for individuals, orientation and guidance, motivational talks, soft skill and communicative skills training, leadership skill training, organizing seminars, mock interviews, supporting online course registration etc.

Over the years, our college attracts the best known industries and our students have been placed in various institutions. The Cell provides guidance to students regarding various opportunities for higher education and placements. Following are some of the regular activities of the Cell:

  • Skill Profiling
  • English Speaking and Communication Skills
  • Orientation programs
  • Motivational Talks
  • Guidance for competitive exams
  • Orientation on emerging career opportunities
  • Job fair